Don’t Miss the Point!

Don’t Miss the Point!

The ezBoxPRO™ is a tool* that marks the location of electrical boxes on drywall and it also protects electrical boxes & wiresthis makes the jobs of electricians, drywallers, insulators and builders easier!

The ezBoxPRO™ Locates:

  • Electrical boxes so they do not need to be marked and they are not covered up.

The ezBoxPRO™ Protects:

  • Wires from being cut or damaged when drywall is cut out.
  • Electrical boxes from being cut or filled with insulation, joint compound, drywall dust or paint.

The ezBoxPRO™ Saves:

  • The time to mark electrical boxes and fix mistakes in drywall cut outs.
  • The cost of locating and fixing covered electrical boxes.
  • The cost of repairing or cleaning wires or electrical boxes.
  • Reduces risk of fire hazards from damaged wires.

Use the ezBoxPRO™ point to mark every electrical box!

What Clients Are Saying!

"I had no expectations when my crew used the ezBoxPROs on our first house that a builder required them on. No boxes were missed and the wires were so clean that we installed the plugs, switches and fixtures with 30% less time - we use the ezBoxPROs on all our jobs now and the payback has been great."

Dale P.

Electrical Contractor

"I would estimate that one out of every two homes I am on has a covered electrical box. This slows my project down and extra trips are required by both the electrician and the drywallers. Using the ezBoxPRO has helped me save time and money on my projects."

Tony K.


"My guys used the ezBoxPRO and it took them a few sheets to get the angle of the drywall right so we would not bend or break the point. After they made this adjustment, they cruised through the rest of the job. Big time savings since it is so easy to locate and cut out around the electrical boxes and no call backs."

Steve W.

Drywall Contractor

"Our crews love the ezBoxPRO, No more covered boxes! It's that simple."

Eric S.

Drywall Contractor

"As an architect I have been on far too many jobs with nicked electrical wires and I have concerns about the fire hazards from nicked wires. For cost savings, job safety and long-term building safety, I now require the ezBoxPRO be used on all my projects."

Steve S.